Limestone in Barcelona

Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed mainly by calcium carbonate. The formation of this type of rock can occur by different processes: a biological process, in which calcium carbonate accumulates from fossil sediments; or by a hydric process, in which calcium carbonate dissolves in carbon dioxide.

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Main characteristics of limestone

Whether you choose one process or another, the results of limestone are very diverse. We can find them with more natural textures or with an aged appearance and especially in light tones, such as white or gray. Although it is already possible to find it in other tones such as black, brown or gold, the most characteristic and those that define it par excellence are white and gray. It is a very durable and resistant material, as well as sustainable.

Common uses of limestone

Limestone is highly used for construction due to its peculiarities. We see them especially in façade and floor coverings, thanks to their great versatility and aesthetics. In addition, its impermeability makes it a smart and ideal choice for exterior cladding.

Among its usual uses we also find the manufacture of the cement itself if it is mixed with clay and sand, or even for filling roads.