Sandstone in Barcelona

Sandstone is a detritic sedimentary rock that is composed mainly of quartz, at least 50%, and of feldspars and other minerals and rocks, whether igneous, sedimentary and / or metamorphic.

Our sandstones

Main characteristics of sandstone

The texture of sandstone is quite variable depending on the treatment it is given and it is a material of great hardness and resistance. In addition, it has highly insulating properties and is resistant to fire, corrosion and wear, characteristics highly demanded for construction.

The qualities and color of sandstone may vary depending on the composition of rocks and additional minerals of which it is composed, something that makes it a very special and unique material.

Thanks to the fact that half of its composition is quartz, the sandstone obtains a characteristic gloss and satin tone and we find it in a multitude of colors, from brown to more reddish, yellow or grayish tones.

Common uses of sandstones

Sandstone rock has a myriad of uses. We particularly highlight the construction sector, where we can find it as a basic element of the construction itself or as a decorative element in outdoor flooring, facade cladding, fireplaces, garden elements, etc. Especially we will see it outdoors, for its resistance and durability.